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November 23, 2015  — Saskatoon StarPhoenix

Oil Industry Recruits Synchrotron to Boost Production

November 12, 2015  — KQED Quest

Homegrown Particle Accelerators

November 10, 2015  — Space Daily

A New Dimension to High-Temperature Superconductivity

November 25, 2015 —

Transport Revolution on the Horizon Following Discovery of 'Stainless Magnesium'

Researchers led by a team at UNSW Australia have used the Australian Synchrotron to turn the discovery of an ultra-low density and corrosion-...
November 24, 2015 — Diamond

New UK Facility to Accelerate Drug Discovery

Oxfordshire, 24th November 2015. From today, scientists working to design new medicines to treat a wide range of diseases will have access to a world...
November 22, 2015 — ESRF

Grenoble Resolutions Mark Historical Step Towards an African Light Source

The first meeting of the African Light Source Conference and Workshop, hosted at the ESRF from 16-20 November, concluded with a set of resolutions as...
November 22, 2015 — SLS

3D Nanostructure of a Bone Made Visible

Bones are made up of tiny fibres that are roughly a thousand times finer than a human hair. One major feature of these so-called collagen fibrils is...
November 19, 2015 — FLASH

Particle Accelerator on a Microchip

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has awarded 13.5 million US dollars (12.6 million euros) to promote the development of a particle accelerator...
November 23, 2015  — Laboratorio Nacional de Luz Sincrotron

Nanotechnology for Measuring Vitamin C

November 23, 2015  — Diamond Light Source

Going Viral

November 23, 2015  — Diamond Light Source

Successful Chemo Drug Monitoring

November 19, 2015  — Diamond Light Source

Bacterial Warfare

November 19, 2015  — BESSY II - Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

Filming Microscopic and Macroscopic Changes Within Materials