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May 17, 2016 — Diamond

Type 1 Diabetes and the Immune System: Scientists Uncover Another Piece of the Puzzle

Germs could play a role in the development of type 1 diabetes by triggering the body’s immune system to destroy the cells that produce insulin, new...
May 15, 2016 — ALS

Berkeley Lab Scientists Discover Surprising New Properties in a 2-D Semiconductor

In the world of semiconductors, impurities and defects can be a good thing. They modify the properties of materials such as silicon, and scientists...
May 11, 2016 —

Revealing Ancient Earth’s Atmosphere

Using the oldest fossil micrometeorites – space dust – ever found, Monash University-led research has made a surprising discovery about the chemistry...
May 11, 2016 — HZB

Ferrous Chemistry in Aqueous Solution Unravelled

An HZB team has combined two different analytical methods at the BESSY II synchrotron source in order to extract more information about the chemistry...
May 11, 2016 — SLS

Experiment in a Hovering Droplet

Knowledge of the exact structure of proteins – those biological molecules that perform multifaceted and essentialfunctions in the organism – is...
May 19, 2016  — Diamond Light Source

Mending Broken Hearts

May 18, 2016  — Diamond Light Source

Henry Moseley: Science’s Lost Hero

May 18, 2016  — Diamond Light Source

Scientists Track Charge in Future Fuel Cell Material