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August 27, 2015  — Nature News

Next-Generation X-Ray Source Fires Up

August 17, 2015  — Printed Electronics World

Study Explores Nanoscale Structure of Thin Films

August 16, 2015  — Economic Times

Indian Scientists' DNA Device Generates Power From Touch

August 15, 2015  —

Fluctuation X-ray Scattering: Mathematical Solution

September 4, 2015 — ALBA

ALBA's X-Rays for Imaging the Magnetization of Buried Magnetic Films

A group of researchers has visualized and analysed in detail the properties and magnetic defects of materials at the nanoscale. These results,...
August 27, 2015 — ALS

Soaking Up Carbon Dioxide and Turning it into Valuable Products

A molecular system that holds great promise for the capture and storage of carbon dioxide has been modified so that it now also holds great promise...
August 25, 2015 — PETRA III

Record High Pressure Squeezes Secrets out of Osmium

X-ray experiments reveal peculiar behaviour of the most incompressible metal on Earth An international team of scientists led by the University of...
August 25, 2015 — CLS

Building a Better Vaccine

Like many infectious diseases, whooping cough is extremely hard to treat, but scientists using the Canadian Light Source may have found a new way to...
August 19, 2015 — APS

Caltech Announces Discovery in Fundamental Physics

When the transistor was invented in 1947 at Bell Labs, few could have foreseen the future impact of the device. This fundamental development in...
September 1, 2015  — Laboratorio Nacional de Luz Sincrotron

Traditional Medicine for Snakebite Treatment

September 1, 2015  — European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

MASSIF-1: 10,000 crystals analysed in its first year

August 31, 2015  — Linac Coherent Light Source

Q&A: Researchers Explain a Strange High-Intensity Result at SLAC's X-ray Laser