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April 27, 2017  — Nature News

The Next Big Hit in Molecule Hollywood

April 19, 2017  — Hamburg News

World's Brightest X-ray Light

April 25, 2017 — Diamond

Malarial Breakout: How Malaria Parasites Escape From Red Blood Cells

The mechanisms underpinning the final stages of malarial infection have recently been revealed with the aid of the Full Field Cryo Transmission X-ray...
April 19, 2017 — HZB

Green IT: New Switching Process in Non-Volatile Spintronics Devices

Physicists achieved a robust and reliable magnetization switching process by domain wall displacement without any applied fields. The effect is...
April 19, 2017 — XFEL.EU

Particle Accelerator for the European XFEL X-Ray Laser Operational

World’s largest superconducting linear accelerator View into the 2.1-kilometre long accelerator tunnel of European XFEL with the yellow...
April 18, 2017 — ESRF

ESRF Directors Support the "March for Science"

On 22 April 2017, scientists from all over the world will gather together to highlight the universal principles of science, scientific investigation...
April 13, 2017 — CLS

Refining Oil Sands Processing: Catalyst Developed by U of S Researchers Is Better for Environment

Using the Canadian Light Source, a chemical engineering team at the University of Saskatchewan has found a possible pathway to reduce production...
April 27, 2017  — Canadian Light Source

Art and Science Meet at Dans La Mesure/Within Measure Exhibition

April 25, 2017  — Linac Coherent Light Source

Take a Digital Tour of SLAC's X-ray Laser With Out Leaving Home

April 25, 2017  — Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source

The State of CHESS-U Beamlines