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February 11, 2016 — PETRA III

New Method Opens Crystal Clear Views of Biomolecules

A scientific breakthrough gives researchers access to the blueprint of thousands of molecules of great relevance to medicine and biology. The novel...
February 11, 2016 — PETRA III

Discovery of New Iron Oxides Points to Large Oxygen Source Inside the Earth

High-pressure experiments reveal chemical complexity of iron oxidesUsing a special high-pressure chamber, scientists have discovered two new iron...
February 10, 2016 — LCLS

X-ray Laser Turns Crystal Imperfections into Better Images of Important Biomolecules

New Method Could Remove Major Obstacles to Studying Structures of Complex Biological Machines Menlo Park, Calif. — Often the most difficult step in...
February 5, 2016 — HZB

Metal Oxide Sandwiches: New Option to Manipulate Properties of Interfaces

A Franco-German cooperation has investigated a sandwich system of transition metal oxides at BESSY II. The scientists discovered a new option to...
February 3, 2016 — ALBA

Green Light for the Construction of the 10th ALBA Beamline

The new microfocus beamline for macromolecular crystallography will contribute to a better understanding of complex biological systems, with academic...
February 10, 2016  — European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

Andrew Cairns wins Young Scientist Award 2016!

February 10, 2016  — Angstromquelle Karlsruhe - ANKA

Preserved Anatomy in 30 Million-Year-Old Mineralized Insects

February 9, 2016  — Diamond Light Source

'Molecular Movie' Opens Door to New Cancer Treatments

February 5, 2016  — European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

ESRF Takes the Helm in Saving Data

February 5, 2016  — European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

Revealing the Molecular Structure of Kerogen in Gas Shale