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July 22, 2015 — LCLS

Long-sought Discovery Fills in Missing Details of Cell 'Switchboard'

SLAC's X-ray Laser Lends New Insight into Key Target for Drug Development A biomedical breakthrough, published today in the journal Nature, reveals...
July 8, 2015 — HZB

New Technique Enables Magnetic Patterns to Be Mapped in 3D

An international collaboration has succeeded in using synchrotron light to detect and record the complex 3D magnetisation in wound magnetic layers....
July 2, 2015 — ESRF

Secrets of Matisse's Yellow Paint Revealed with X-Ray

X-ray allows a new step in the understanding of why several paintings by well-known late 19th century and early 20th C. artists such as Henri Matisse...
July 1, 2015 — HZB

Emergence of A "Devil's Staircase" in a Spin-Valve System

A Japanese-German team observes at BESSY II how spins form unusual magnetic structures in a complex cobalt oxide single crystal. Such a material...
June 29, 2015 — NSLS-II

Sodium-Ion Batteries Offer Surprising Stability Over Cycles

3D measurements of microstructures reveal that sodium's larger ion size does not degrade battery materials as much as previously thought. Though...
July 31, 2015  — Canadian Light Source

CLS Key Partner in Major Food Security Research Grant

July 28, 2015  — BESSY II - Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

BESSY II launches New Filling Pattern in User Mode

July 24, 2015  — National Synchrotron Light Source II

Brookhaven Lab Summer School Helps Develop Tomorrow's Nuclear Chemistry Experts

July 23, 2015  — Canadian Light Source

Tracking breast cancer before it grows