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July 18, 2017 —

Report: Compact, Precise Beam Could Aid in Nuclear Security

Berkeley Lab-led report highlights technique for detecting, identifying nuclear materials This image shows how a compact, precise photon beam (red...
July 18, 2017 — ESRF

Scientists "Resurrect" Ancient Proteins to Provide Clues About Molecular Innovation

A growing body of research on the use of ancestral protein resurrection has been published in recent years to address a variety of issues on protein...
July 17, 2017 — SLS

Nanomaterial Helps Store Solar Energy: Efficiently and Inexpensively

Field trials show that new catalyst material for electrolysers is reliable The scientists Emiliana Fabbri and Thomas Schmidt in a lab at PSI where...
July 17, 2017 — NSLS-II

Studying Argon Gas Trapped in Two-Dimensional Array of Tiny "Cages"

Understanding how individual atoms enter and exit the nanoporous frameworks could help scientists design new materials for gas separation and nuclear...
July 17, 2017 — Diamond

First Users on VERSOX Beamline

Diamond’s VERSOX beamline (B07) celebrates an important milestone as it welcomes its first users. VERSOX is a station which allows researchers to...
July 17, 2017  — Diamond Light Source

Hundred-Year-Old Law on Fluid Flow Overturned by New Research

July 17, 2017  — Diamond Light Source

Depth-Profiling Spintronic Materials

July 17, 2017  — European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

Synchrotron@School: promoting women in science