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ALS - Advanced Light Source

APS - Advanced Photon Source

BESSY II - Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB)

CLS - Canadian Light Source

Diamond - Diamond Light Source

European XFEL - European X-ray Free Electron Laser

  • "Light for the future"- a short movie about the European XFEL facility
     MPEG-1, 6min.
    In German:
    “Licht der Zukunft” – ein Kurzfilm über die European-XFEL-Anlage
    MPEG-1, 6 min.

ISA - Institute for Storage Ring Facilities

  • Electron Injection, Storage and Synchrotron Radiation Light Generation in the Storage Ring ASTRID. (Credit: Coldvision Studio/ISA)
  • Full (uncompressed) | .mov | .wmv
  • Part (uncompressed) | .mov | .wmv 
    The first part shows the injection of the electron beam from the 100-MeV racetrack microtron into the storage ring/synchrotron ASTRID. After injection, the coasting beam (actually bunched at 3 GHz) is bunched tightly into 14 bunches, corresponding to the radiofrequency of 105 MHz in the storage ring after which it is accelerated to the maximum energy of 580 MeV
  • Part (uncompressed) | .mov | .wmv 
    The second part shows emission of synchrotron radiation from the 14 circulating bunches stored at 580 MeV. Observe that the synchrotron radiation is emitted in the undulator and in the bending magnets. The synchrotron radiation has the time structure of the electron beam, and whereas most of the synchrotron radiation is absorbed in the vacuum chambers, a small part travels down the beamlines as light flashes.
  • Part (uncompressed) | .mov | .wmv 
    The third part shows the light travelling down the beamline, being deflected by a mirror before being dispersed by a grating. The slit selects a specific wavelength (colour), and this radiation hits the surface of a material. Photoelectrons are emitted, and these are energyanalysed by a spectrometer.

NSRRC - National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center

  • EPU Installation
    .mpg (Credit: National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center)
  • Days of TPS Civil Construction
    .mpg (Credit: National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center)

SLS - Swiss Light Source

  • Construction Timeline
    .avi (Credit: Swiss Light Source)

SSRL - Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource

  • Protein Crystallography at SLAC
    .mpg | .mov (Credit: Juna Kurihara/SLAC) 

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