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June 28, 2017 — CLS

Researchers Make Connection Between the Oceans' Organic Carbon and Iron

Concordia University researchers have a better understanding of why the world’s oceans are the largest carbon sink as a result of organic carbon...
June 28, 2017 — CLS

3D Imaging Seeks to Explain Reason for Higher DNA Yields From Smaller Bones

Bones tell a person’s story long after they have passed away and researchers are learning that even the tiniest of bones shouldn’t be overlooked. “...
June 28, 2017 — ESRF

Four New Beamlines Get Go Ahead at the ESRF

Four new beamlines are to be built at the ESRF ensuring that Europe continues to lead the world in X-ray science. This major project will provide...
June 27, 2017 — PETRA III

X-Ray Experiments Reveal Two Different Types of Water

Liquid water exists in two different forms – at least at very low temperatures. This is the conclusion drawn from X-ray experiments carried out at...
June 27, 2017 — ALS

2-D Material’s Traits Could Send Electronics R&D Spinning in New Directions

X-ray technique at Berkeley Lab provides a new window into the exotic properties of an atomically thin material An international team of researchers...
June 23, 2017 — XFEL.EU

First Beam in the European XFEL Experiment Hall!

Today European XFEL celebrated successfully guiding the X-ray laser beam into the experiment hall. This marks another important milestone in the...
June 22, 2017 — Diamond

Thermally Stable Vaccines

The encasing of proteins in silica to improve their thermal stability: Scientists have unveiled a novel technique, ensilication, for improving the...
June 22, 2017 —

R&D Effort Produces Magnetic Devices to Enable More Powerful X-ray Lasers

Berkeley Lab demonstrates a record-setting magnetic field for a prototype superconducting undulator --  Researchers at the Department of Energy’...
June 20, 2017 —

EU Project CALIPSOplus Has Started for Free Access to European Light Sources

The EU is providing ten million euros in funding for the project CALIPSOplus, submitted by 19 European light sources. The project consortium, of...
June 19, 2017 — ESRF

India and the ESRF Seal Agreement

Monday 19 June 2017, New Delhi, India – Dr. Francesco Sette, Director General, ESRF (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility based in Grenoble,...