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August 15, 2007 — CHESS

N.C. Wyeth's coloring technique revealed by Cornell's synchrotron as it uncovers eight decades of paint

- By George Lowery- The pentimento of a flying fist, just visible beneath layers of paint, triggered an investigation of N.C. Wyeth's "Family...
August 15, 2007 — NSLS-II

Researchers Produce Firsts with Bursts of Light

Team generates most energetic terahertz pulses yet, observes useful optical phenomena - by Kendra Snyder- UPTON, NY - Researchers at the U.S....
August 15, 2007 — CHESS

Carnegie Mellon Scientists Find Key HIV Protein Makes Cell Membranes Bend More Easily

Discovery Should Improve Modeling To Understand, Thwart Infection and Design Therapies PITTSBURGH—Carnegie Mellon University scientists have made an...
August 15, 2007 — NSLS-II

First Detailed View of Molecular Structure May Usher in New Class of Cancer Drugs

New Haven, Conn. — High resolution views of a receptor molecule that is implicated in cancer offer a clear target for the development of a new class...
August 15, 2007 — APS

Researchers Watch Antibiotics, Bacteria Meet at Atomic Level

- by Holly Wagner, +1 (614) 292-8310; - COLUMBUS , Ohio -- A new understanding of an enzyme important for the transfer of genetic...
August 15, 2007 — APS

Graphene Oxide Paper Could Spawn a New Class of Materials

EVANSTON, Ill. --- Nearly 2,000 years ago, the discovery of paper revolutionized human communication. Now researchers at Northwestern University have...
August 15, 2007 — APS

New aerogels could clean contaminated water, purify hydrogen for fuel cells

ARGONNE, Ill. (July 27, 2007) -- Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory have identified a new technique for...
August 15, 2007 — APS

Synchrotron could help save the Tassie devil

Australia's new $A200m synchrotron in Melbourne could contribute to the fight to save the Tasmanian devil from the outbreak of facial tumour disease...
August 15, 2007 — ESRF

ESRF lightsource helps tailoring new treatments against asthma

Researchers from Sweden and France have deciphered the crystal structure of a human membrane protein which has a major influence on the development...
August 15, 2007 —

Toenails used to assess arsenic risk

31 July 2007 - University of Ballarat PhD student Dora Pearce and her colleagues are analysing toenails – with the help of synchrotron light. The...