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November 30, 2017 — LCLS

SLAC-led Study Shows Potential for Efficiently Controlling 2-D Materials With Light

In experiments with the lab’s ultrafast ‘electron camera,’ laser light hitting a material is almost completely converted into nuclear vibrations,...
November 27, 2017 —

A Mixtape for Drug Discovery

New method enables automated fast investigation of enzymatic processes Principle of the mix-and-diffuse serial synchrotron crystallography: protein...
November 26, 2017 —

Scientists Watch Diamond Turn Into Graphite

In a surprising achievement, a team of scientists has turned diamond into graphite, using an X-ray laser. What may seem undesirable at first glance,...
November 24, 2017 — CLS

Crystallographers Identify 1,000 Protein Structures

The Canadian Light Source is celebrating two milestones reached by scientists who have conducted research at the national facility at the University...
November 23, 2017 — SESAME

First Light for Pioneering SESAME Light Source

Allan, Jordan, 23 November 2017. At 10:50 yesterday morning scientists at the pioneering SESAME light source saw First Monochromatic Light through...
November 22, 2017 — Diamond

New Methodology for Protein Crystallisation

A step-by-step video of the experimental process and associated text protocol to provide a robust method for structure determination by X-ray...
November 20, 2017 — PETRA III

Clay Mineral Waters Earth's Mantle From the Inside

The first observation of a super-hydrated phase of the clay mineral kaolinite could improve our understanding of processes that lead to volcanism and...
November 20, 2017 — Diamond

Diamond Celebrates its 6000th Paper

Plasma-aided catalysis – an important step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions Diamond Light Source, the UK’s national synchrotron today (20th...
November 16, 2017 — ALBA

Synchrotron Light Proves the Effectiveness of Two New Drugs Against Sleeping Sickness

A team led by researchers from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) has unveiled the mechanism of action of two drugs, FR60 and JNI18,...
November 15, 2017 — ALS

X-Rays Reveal the Biting Truth About Parrotfish Teeth

Interwoven crystal structure is key to coral-crunching ability So, you thought the fictional people-eating great white shark in the film “Jaws” had a...