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September 20, 2017 — XFEL.EU

First Users at European XFEL

User operation starts at the world’s biggest X-ray laser The first users have now started experiments at the new international research facility in...
September 1, 2017 — XFEL.EU

International X-ray laser European XFEL inaugurated

Science ministers and representatives from partner countries start the first experiment. International guests welcome the first users of the new...
August 29, 2017 — XFEL.EU

Hamburg Shines for the European XFEL

Light and laser installation for the start of the world’s brightest X-ray laser Since last night, five laser lights shine westwards through Hamburg’s...
August 17, 2017 — XFEL.EU

First Users Invited to European XFEL

Facility preparing to welcome research groups to first two instruments The SPB/SFX instrument will enable novel studies of structural biology. It...
July 4, 2017 — XFEL.EU

European XFEL Starts Operation Phase

The world’s largest X-ray laser, the European XFEL, has now entered its operation phase. Over the past few weeks, engineers and scientists at...
June 30, 2017 — XFEL.EU

Infection Research at the Highest Level

Today, the Centre for Structural Systems Biology celebrates its grand opening on the DESY Campus in Hamburg. In this new interdisciplinary research...
June 23, 2017 — XFEL.EU

First Beam in the European XFEL Experiment Hall!

Today European XFEL celebrated successfully guiding the X-ray laser beam into the experiment hall. This marks another important milestone in the...
May 5, 2017 — XFEL.EU

Biggest X-Ray Laser in the World Generates Its First Laser Light

In the metropolitan region of Hamburg, the European XFEL, the biggest X-ray laser in the world, has reached the last major milestone before the...
April 19, 2017 — XFEL.EU

Particle Accelerator for the European XFEL X-Ray Laser Operational

World’s largest superconducting linear accelerator View into the 2.1-kilometre long accelerator tunnel of European XFEL with the yellow...
February 3, 2017 — XFEL.EU

German Research Foundation Funds Investigation of Exoplanets at European XFEL

With the help of telescopes on Earth and in space, several thousand planets outside of our solar system have been discovered since 1996. Observation...