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May 5, 2017 — FLASH

Biggest X-Ray Laser in the World Generates Its First Laser Light

In the metropolitan region of Hamburg, the European XFEL, the biggest X-ray laser in the world, has reached the last major milestone before the...
March 1, 2017 — FLASH

Scientists Develop Spectacles for X-Ray Lasers

An international team of scientists has tailored special X-ray glasses to concentrate the beam of an X-ray laser stronger than ever before. The...
January 12, 2017 — FLASH

Laser Metronome Achieves Record Synchronization

Scientists at DESY have set up the world's most precise ‘metronome’ for a kilometre-wide network. The timing system synchronizes a 4.7-kilometer-long...
March 9, 2016 — FLASH

Live View of Catalyst Deactivation

The platinum nanoparticles found in a car’s catalytic converter fuse together during its operation, forfeiting some of their efficiency as a result....
December 21, 2015 — FLASH

First Electrons Accelerated in European XFEL

Major milestone for international research facility Joint press release of DESY and European XFEL A crucial component of the European XFEL has taken...
November 19, 2015 — FLASH

Particle Accelerator on a Microchip

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has awarded 13.5 million US dollars (12.6 million euros) to promote the development of a particle accelerator...
February 10, 2015 — FLASH

Taking High-Speed Snapshots of Living Cells with an X-Ray Laser

Reconstructed electron density of a cyanobacterium. Credit: Gjis van der Schot/Universität Uppsala X-ray imaging method captures living cells with...
February 4, 2015 — FLASH

X-ray Pulses Uncover Free Nanoparticles for the First Time in 3D

Research team uses DESY’s X-ray laser FLASH as a super microscope X-ray diffraction image of a truncated twinned tetrahedra nanoparticle. Credit:...
May 8, 2014 — FLASH

Observing Electron Clouds, Scientists Could Improve Chemical Processes

An iron coordination complex like the one used in the experiment. (Courtesy: W. Gawelda, European XFEL) With the help of an X-ray laser, a team...
March 11, 2014 — FLASH

X-ray laser FLASH spies deep into giant gas planets

Study of liquid hydrogen provides important data for planetary models Hamburg, 11 March 2014. Using DESY’s X-ray laser FLASH, researchers took a...