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June 14, 2016 — HZB

Spintronics: Resetting the future of Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording

A HZB team has examined thin films of Dysprosium-Cobalt sputtered onto a nanostructured membrane at BESSY II. They showed that new patterns of...
June 2, 2016 — HZB

User Research at BESSY II: Nanostructures in Human Teeth

Dentin is one of the most durable biological materials in the human body. Researchers from Charité–Universitätsmedizin Berlin were able to show that...
May 11, 2016 — HZB

Ferrous Chemistry in Aqueous Solution Unravelled

An HZB team has combined two different analytical methods at the BESSY II synchrotron source in order to extract more information about the chemistry...
April 21, 2016 — HZB

Thin-Film Solar Cells: How Defects Appear and Disappear in CIGSe-Cells

A collaboration of German, Israeli, and British teams has now conducted detailed studies of how different fabrication techniques influence the...
April 8, 2016 — HZB

Energy Storage Materials Under Pressure

Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) can store gases such as methane in their surface interstices, or pores. Now teams from the Technische Universität...
February 20, 2016 — HZB

Topological Insulators: Magnetism Is Not Causing Loss of Conductivity

If topological insulators are doped with impurities that possess magnetic properties, they lose their conductivity. Yet contrary to what has been...
February 5, 2016 — HZB

Metal Oxide Sandwiches: New Option to Manipulate Properties of Interfaces

A Franco-German cooperation has investigated a sandwich system of transition metal oxides at BESSY II. The scientists discovered a new option to...
January 27, 2016 — HZB

An Alternative to Platinum: Iron-Nitrogen Compounds as Catalysts in Graphene

Teams at HZB and TU Darmstadt have produced a cost-effective catalyst material for fuel cells using a new preparation process which they analysed in...
January 20, 2016 — HZB

A Fast Way of Electron Orbit Simulation in Complex Magnetic Fields

The design of advanced synchrotron radiation sources requires precise algorithms for the simulation of electron trajectories in complex magnetic...
January 8, 2016 — HZB

Optimum Band Gap for Hybrid Silicon/Perovskite Tandem Solar Cell

Tandem solar cells based on silicon and perovskites have raised high hopes for future high efficiency solar modules. A team led by perovskite solar...