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December 14, 2017 — ALS

X-Rays Provide Key Insights on Path to Lithium-Rich Battery Electrode

If you add more lithium to the positive electrode of a lithium-ion battery – overstuff it, in a sense – it can store much more charge in the same...
December 12, 2017 — ALS

Scientists Discover Path to Improving Game-Changing Battery Electrode

Electric car makers are intensely interested in lithium-rich battery cathodes that could significantly increase driving range. A new study opens a...
November 15, 2017 — ALS

X-Rays Reveal the Biting Truth About Parrotfish Teeth

Interwoven crystal structure is key to coral-crunching ability So, you thought the fictional people-eating great white shark in the film “Jaws” had a...
November 13, 2017 — ALS

Fuel Cell X-Ray Study Details Effects of Temperature and Moisture on Performance

Experiments at Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Light Source help scientists shed light on fuel-cell physics Like a well-tended greenhouse garden, a...
October 19, 2017 — ALS

Scientists Solve a Magnesium Mystery in Rechargeable Battery Performance

Berkeley Lab-led study reveals surprising chemical reactivity in battery components previously considered compatible. Rechargeable batteries based on...
September 15, 2017 — ALS

New Study on Graphene-Wrapped Nanocrystals Makes Inroads Toward Next-Gen Fuel Cells

Simulations and analysis at Berkeley Lab provide new atomic-scale clues to material's enhanced hydrogen storage properties A powdery mix of metal...
September 1, 2017 — ALS

X-ray Footprinting Solves Mystery of Metal-Breathing Protein

Berkeley Lab study reveals how oxygen-deprived protein loosely binds to a mineral Scientists have discovered the details of an unconventional...
July 3, 2017 — ALS

New Studies of Ancient Concrete Could Teach Us to Do as the Romans Did

Berkeley Lab, UC Berkeley experiments show how natural chemistry strengthened ancient concrete A new look inside 2,000-year-old concrete – made from...
June 29, 2017 — ALS

Researchers ID New Mechanism for Keeping DNA Protein in Line

The actions of a protein used for DNA replication and repair are guided by electrostatic forces known as phosphate steering, a finding that not only...
June 29, 2017 — ALS

What’s On Your Skin? Archaea, That’s What

It turns out your skin is crawling with single-celled microorganisms – ­and they’re not just bacteria. A study by the Department of Energy’s Lawrence...