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September 13, 2017 — CLS

Regenerating Heart Muscle

Scientist combines medicine and engineering to repair a damaged heart Saskatoon, Sask. – Regenerating heart muscle tissue using a 3D printer – once...
August 30, 2017 — CLS

Researchers Develop Technique to Reuse Carbon Dioxide and Methane, Slowing Climate Change

Reusing carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane waste emissions from industrial sources is closer to reality thanks to recent findings from a project...
July 6, 2017 — CLS

Fighting Back: Researchers Develop New Approach to Weaken the Ability of Some Viruses to Evade the Immune System

Saskatoon, Sask. – Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus, Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic fever virus and a number of other viruses have the ability to...
June 28, 2017 — CLS

Researchers Make Connection Between the Oceans' Organic Carbon and Iron

Concordia University researchers have a better understanding of why the world’s oceans are the largest carbon sink as a result of organic carbon...
June 28, 2017 — CLS

3D Imaging Seeks to Explain Reason for Higher DNA Yields From Smaller Bones

Bones tell a person’s story long after they have passed away and researchers are learning that even the tiniest of bones shouldn’t be overlooked. “...
May 18, 2017 — CLS

Protecting Fisheries from Disease: Understanding Infectious Salmon Anemia Virus Entry

Saskatoon, Sask. – Research led by University of Toronto graduate student Jonathan Cook and his supervisor Dr. Jeffrey Lee, employing X-ray...
May 5, 2017 — CLS

Scientists Make Important Discovery Around Antibiotic Resistance

Researchers from McGill University have discovered why superbugs are resistant to certain antibiotics and are one step closer to finding new...
April 13, 2017 — CLS

Refining Oil Sands Processing: Catalyst Developed by U of S Researchers Is Better for Environment

Using the Canadian Light Source, a chemical engineering team at the University of Saskatchewan has found a possible pathway to reduce production...
March 31, 2017 — CLS

Researchers Pinpoint Source of Arsenic in Water Along the Yangtze River

Researchers are unravelling the mysteries of why arsenic levels in water in the Jianghan Plain, off the Yangtze River in China, undergo fluctuations...
March 3, 2017 — CLS

Research Team Identifies New Markers Involved in Cancer Progression

Scientists have identified, for the first time, increased levels of several chemicals occurring in cancer-activated cells, which will help them...