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December 12, 2017 — SwissFEL

First Experiment at SwissFEL Carried out Successfully

The years of careful planning and construction have paid off: At the newest large-scale research facility of the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI – the...
December 5, 2016 — SwissFEL

SwissFEL Inauguration

Today, on 5 December 2016, the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI held an inauguration ceremony for its new large-scale research facility SwissFEL, with...
September 26, 2016 — SwissFEL

SwissFEL in the Home Stretch: The First Electrons Are Here

SwissFEL building, 24 August 2016: In the control room above the beam tunnel of the free electron X-ray laser SwissFEL, the atmosphere is intense and...
August 22, 2016 — SwissFEL

Catching Proteins in the Act

Some of the fastest processes in our body run their course in proteins activated by light. The protein rhodopsin sees to it that our eyes can rapidly...
September 4, 2014 — SwissFEL

New Material Generated with Light

PSI researchers garner experience for SwissFEL experiments  Aided by short laser flashes, researchers at the Paul Scherrer Institute have...
March 6, 2014 — SwissFEL

Observed live with x-ray laser: electricity controls magnetism

Researchers from ETH Zurich and the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI demonstrate how the magnetic structure can be altered quickly in novel materials. The...
August 12, 2013 — SwissFEL

Magnetisation controlled at picosecond intervals

A terahertz laser developed at the Paul Scherrer Institute makes it possible to control a material’s magnetisation at a timescale of picoseconds (0....
April 18, 2013 — SwissFEL

X-ray Laser: A novel tool for structural studies of nano-particles

Development of analysis method for X-ray laser scattering data Prominent among the planned applications of X-ray free electron laser facilities, such...