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June 18, 2014 — Diamond

Scientists Make Leap Forward in Efforts to Combat Antibiotic Resistance

A group from the University of East Anglia and Diamond Light Source have made a breakthrough in the race to solve antibiotic resistance. Using...
April 6, 2014 — Diamond

Scientists Uncover Bacterial War Tactics

Scientists uncover bacterial war tactics  Discovery paves the way for new drugs to fight bacterial infections   Scientists from the UK...
April 3, 2014 — Diamond

Novel Crystallography Beamline Takes Delivery of In-Vacuum X-ray Detector

Novel Crystallography Beamline Takes Delivery of In-Vacuum X-ray Detector Oxfordshire, UK, 3rd April, 2014 – Diamond Light Source, the UK’s...
March 27, 2014 — Diamond

Why does Alzheimer's kill brain-cells: New piece of the puzzle found at UK science facility

‘Big Science’ uncovers another piece in the Alzheimer’s puzzle Oxfordshire, 26th March, 2014 – In a paper published today, British scientists have...
March 24, 2014 — Diamond

Italian Ambassador visits Diamond Light Source

Ambassador Pasquale Terracciano met top scientists and saw cutting-edge facilities at the leading UK scientific facility On 21st March, 2014, Diamond...
January 31, 2014 — Diamond

Year of glittering celebrations begins at major UK science facility

Diamond Light Source kicks off year of activities to celebrate the International Year of Crystallography Oxfordshire, UK, January, 2014 – The UK’s...
December 13, 2013 — Diamond

Funding announced for new biological facilities at Diamond Light Source

The landmark silver doughnut-shaped building on the Harwell Campus has just been granted £15.6 million for a new imaging centre for biology. The...
November 21, 2013 — Diamond

National science facility sheds light on the future of the car

Oxfordshire, UK – On November 18th and 19th scientific researchers and leading professionals from the automotive, oil and petrochemical industries...
October 18, 2013 — Diamond

Smart new in situ tool keeps X-rays on track at national science facility

A collaboration between Diamond Light Source, the UK’s national synchrotron science facility, and the University of Manchester’s School of Electrical...
July 17, 2013 — Diamond

Scientists unlock structure of elusive 'stress' protein

New discovery paves the way for a transformation in drug treatments for depression, diabetes and osteoporosis. Scientists working to design advanced...