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December 15, 2014 — SLS

Shortcut to Protein Portraits

All living organisms, from bacteria to humans, rely on proteins to perform their vital functions. How these proteins accomplish their tasks depends...
October 19, 2014 — SLS

Puzzling New Behaviour Observed in High-Temperature Superconductors

New Effect Might Be Important for Emergence of High-Temperature Superconductivity An international team of researchers from SLAC National Accelerator...
October 12, 2014 — SLS

Useful for Spintronics: Big Surprises in a Thin Surface Region

Giant Spin-Splitting on the Surface of Strontium Titanate Milan Radović and Nicholas Plumb at the X09LA beamline at the SLS (Photo: Paul Scherrer...
September 4, 2014 — SLS

New Material Generated with Light

PSI researchers garner experience for SwissFEL experiments  Aided by short laser flashes, researchers at the Paul Scherrer Institute have...
August 21, 2014 — SLS

Jurassic Welsh Mammals Were Picky Eaters, Study Finds

New analyses of tiny fossil mammals from South Wales are shedding light on the function and diets of our earliest ancestors, a team led by...
July 30, 2014 — SLS

Insulator Makes Electrons Move in an Ordered Way

Novel material shows properties necessary for spintronic devices At the SIS beamline at the SLS where the experiments on SmB6 were performed. PSI...
June 11, 2014 — SLS

Sixteen Nanometres in 3D

Tomography enables the interior of a vast range of objects to be depicted in 3D – from cellular structures to technical appliances. Researchers from...
May 19, 2014 — SLS

Shark Antibodies Inspire Optimization of Human Antibodies

Genetically engineered antibodies are deployed successfully in cancer diagnostics and therapy. Therapeutic antibodies against Alzheimer’s disease and...
April 30, 2014 — SLS

Harnessing Magnetic Vortices for Making Nanoscale Antennas

UPTON, NY—Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory are seeking ways to synchronize the magnetic spins in...
March 6, 2014 — SLS

Observed live with x-ray laser: electricity controls magnetism

Researchers from ETH Zurich and the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI demonstrate how the magnetic structure can be altered quickly in novel materials. The...