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ESRF Directors Support the "March for Science"

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

ESRF - Contact presse : - +33 4 76 88 26 04

On 22 April 2017, scientists from all over the world will gather together to highlight the universal principles of science, scientific investigation and discovery as processes for the advancement of humanity as a whole, in the respect of the fundamental rights of individuals.

The ESRF is a research facility funded by public resources of 22 countries, welcoming and supporting every year thousands of scientists from all over the world on the basis of the scientific excellence of their investigations and of the commitment of free and open circulation of their results obtained using the ESRF.

For almost thirty years, the ESRF has been contributing to scientific advancement thanks to the research of its users. Its leadership is profoundly rooted in the capacity to attract the best minds worldwide. They work together to address the most challenging problems in areas such as new materials to enable the sustainable development of our world, and biology and medicine to overcome diseases and improve human health.

The directors of the ESRF, considering the convergence between the motivation of the "March for Science" and the values and core mission of the ESRF, support the "March for Science" as an opportunity to promote Science for a peaceful growth of society worldwide.

The ESRF – the European Synchrotron – is an international research Institute, located in Grenoble, France. Founded in 1988, the ESRF is a model of European and International cooperation with 22 partner countries and more than 7000 scientists from all over the world coming in Grenoble each year. The ESRF is the world-leading source of synchrotron X-rays operating 43 beamlines with state-of-the-art instrumentation for imaging and studying the structure of matter at the atomic and nanometric scale in all fields of research. Following the success of the ESRF Upgrade Programme Phase I (180M€ in the period 2009-2015), the ESRF has launched the ESRF-EBS project (Extremely Brilliant Source). It represents an investment of 150M€ over the period 2015-2022, and focuses on the construction of a new revolutionary storage ring, a new generation of synchrotron, with unprecedented performances that open new perspectives for X-Ray Science in many fields: health, biology, environment and Earth science, new materials, paleontology, culture heritage for instance.