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First Electrons at MAX IV

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tutti Johansson Falk
Head of Communications
Ole Römers väg 1 223 63 Lund Sweden
+46 46 222 36 99
+46 766 323 326

Sara Thorin
Project Leader: Linac
+46 708 32 33 95

Dionis Kumbaro
Project Leader: Electron Gun
+46 701 44 87 78

The linear accelerator group has turned up the temperature of the cathode producing electrons in the gun. Everything worked just as it should, and out came the 10 longed for electron pulses per second.

It was great to see that everything worked as it should, and it was of course a big step to produce the MAX IV facility’s very first electron pulses. We celebrated with non-alcoholic sparkling beverage from the local food store, says a very happy and satisfied Sara Thorin, project manager for the linear accelerator.

Preparations to start up the electron gun on MAX IV have been on-going the last six months and have involved many scientists and engineers responsible for, among other things, electron gun development, radio frequency (RF), safety and control system.

Now that we have seen that the electron gun is working properly, it is time to tune all magnets, RF components, diagnostic and other systems so that we can shape and transport electron pulses as we want, when they are sent onward to produce light. The process begins in the electron gun area and then proceeding along the linac until everything is aligned and adjusted, and we can let electrons into the storage rings or the short pulse facility (SPF), concludes Sara Thorin.

Work at the facility is well on schedule, and delivery of many of the main components is taking place at full speed now. The large storage ring is expected to be installed in July 2015 and the small storage ring in January 2016. Commissioning of the entire facility is scheduled to commence in the second half of 2015 and the inauguration of MAX IV will take place 21 June 2016, the brightest day of the year to inaugurate the brightest light in the world.

MAX IV Laboratory is a national electron accelerator laboratory for synchrotron radiation research, nuclear physics and accelerator physics in Sweden. MAX IV Laboratory has operated successfully for more than 25 years and is currently building the new MAX IV synchrotron facility in Lund.

More than 900 scientists from Sweden and the rest of the world are coming to the MAX IV Laboratory every year to use the x-rays produced by our electron accelerators. They do research in areas such as physics, chemistry, geology, engineering, medicine, materials science, structural biology and nanotechnology.

The MAX IV facility, the largest and most ambitious Swedish investment in research infrastructure, will be the brightest source of x-rays worldwide and will replace the existing laboratory. 
Some 150 people are currently employed at the MAX IV Laboratory and we will welcome many skilled and curious persons to our staff during the coming years. MAX IV Laboratory is located in Lund, Sweden.