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Scientists have discovered a new structure family of oxide-ion (O2-) conducting materials※1 NdBaInO4※2(neodium barium indium oxide). The team successfully determined its crystal structure※3 and visualized its oxide-ion diffusion pathway (Fig. 1). The discovery of this new structure family NdBaInO4 can lead to the developments of new ionic conductors for better solid oxide fuel cells and oxygen concentrators, and of electronic materials. Refined crystal structure and oxide-ion diffusion pathway of NdBaInO4, which consists of (i) A-O (Nd-O) unit and (ii) (A,A')BO3 (= Nd2/8Ba6/8InO3) perovskite unit.※6 The oxide-ion (O2-) conduction occurs in the A-O unit (Arrows in the figure).

Learn more in the press release "Discovery of a New Crystal Structure Family of Oxide-Ion Conductors."