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English Caption: 
Physicists Julian Baumert (Brookhaven National Laboratory) (left) and Michael Lefenfeld (Columbia University) at work at an experimental endstation at NSLS beamline X22A. Baumert holds part of the cell used to hold the sample junction during the x-ray scattering study, while Lefenfeld is setting up the sourcemeter used to apply the voltages to the junction. (Courtesy: Brookhaven National Laboratory)
German Caption: 
Die Physiker Julian Baumert (Brookhaven National Laboratory) (links) und Michael Lefenfeld (Columbia University) bei der Arbeit an einem Experiment am Strahlrohr X22A der NSLS. Baumert hält Teile der Zelle, die Probenverbindung während der Röntgenstreuunt
Italian Caption: 
Il fisico Julian Baumert (Brookhaven National Laboratory) (a sinistra) e Michael Lefenfeld (Columbia University) mentre lavorano ad una stazione sperimentale sulla beamline X22A. Baumert tiene in mano una parte della cella usata per contenere il campione durante lo studio di scattering a raggi x, mentre Lefenfeld sta montando un misuratore di sorgenti che viene usato per applicare cariche elettriche ai giunti