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Researchers from Göttingen in collaboration with colleagues from Augsburg have 'filmed' the movement of lipid molecules using an X-ray stroboscope at DESY. In the scientific journal Physical Review Letters, researchers lead by Professor Tim Salditt of the University of Göttingen report that their study offers new insights into the dynamics of biomolecules, which compose materials such as cell membranes. The cell membranes consist of a double layer of lipid molecules; the properties of the membranes are of great interest because they control which substances enter and exit a biological cell and also determine which materials are exchanged between different cell regions.

Shown in the image above: Excitation of a stack of lipid membranes by ultra sound leads to collective oscillations which have been probed by time-resolved diffraction. Credit: Tobias Reusch/Tim Salditt, University of Göttingen

Learn more about this research in the press release "Researchers Watch Lipid Molecules in Motion."