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TARLA Infrared FEL and Bremsstrahlung Facility

The Turkish Accelerator and Radiation Laboratory at Ankara (TARLA) is an Infrared Free Electron Laser (IR-FEL) and Bremsstrahlung facility located at Gölbası town, 15 kilometers south of Ankara, Turkey and it is currently under construction as the first facility of Turkish Accelerator Center and it is planned to commissioning in 2016.

Once fully operational, the TARLA facility is expected to provide 1-10 ps duration pulses with center wavelengths from 2.5-250 µm at a repetition rate of 13 MHz. This type of beam which covers the mid to far-infrared spectral range is expected to have an average power in the 0.1-40 W range and be used in a variety of research laboratories that will be housed in the facility.

The Turkish Accelerator Center (TAC) ( ) was proposed as a national center for accelerator based fundamental and applied research in Turkey and the region, also. TAC project has two main aims for third phase of project since 2006 after feasibility (1st) and CDR (2nd) phases:

- To establish the TARLA facility as a first facility
- To complete TDRs of proposed GeV scale facilities: Synchrotron Radiation facility, SASE FEL facility, Proton Accelerator facility and Particle “charm” factory

It is expected that, TAC will be defined as National Accelerator Center by a new law in 2014 and it is planned that construction phase of proposed GeV scale facilities will cover next decade.

In frame of TAC project, the Institute of Accelerator Technologies of Ankara University (IAT) is established in 2010 ( IAT and TARLA are in the same place.