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Singapore Synchrotron Light Source

The Singapore Synchrotron Light Source comprises of a compact superconducting storage ring with 700 MeV electron energy and a 4.5 T bending field to produce synchrotron radiation. The characteristic photon energy and wavelength are 1.47 keV and 0.845 nm, respectively. The development of advanced synchrotron radiation instrumentation is focused on the superconductive miniundulator. Being part of the microtron undulator radiation facility (MURF) it will produce tunable brilliant light in the 2 to 50 eV spectral range for surface science and nanoscale microscopy.

SSLS is a University-level Research Centre at the National University of Singapore (NUS) , under the office of the Deputy President (Research & Technology), with activities involving local and international groups from many universities, research institutes, and industry. Since SSLS was commissioned in the year 1999, its scope of activities has evolved and broadened as the number of beam lines and users has increased. It currently has a R&D program featuring micro/nanofabrication, a variety of analytical applications, and the development of advanced synchrotron radiation instrumentation.