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1st Virtual LCLS User Meeting

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
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We are very pleased to announce the first ever Virtual LCLS User Meeting to be held at 8 am Pacific time on April 12th.  Please mark your calendars! The live stream can be found on April 12th here: ttp://​.

This new initiative is an effort to better inform the users about the developments at LCLS before the upcoming LCLS proposal deadline onMay 4th. LCLS staff will inform the community about the latest capabilities and be available for Q&A.

This meeting will be live streamed from the Panofsky Auditorium with text feedback to the presenters.  The meeting will be limited to 1.5 hours and the agenda will include:

  1. Mike Dunne – Introduction and High Level LCLS Updates (5 minutes)
  2. Axel Brachmann– LCLS Accelerator Update (5 minutes)
  3. Mike Minitti – AMO/SXR Update (5 minutes)
  4. Sebastrian Boutet – HXR Update (10 minutes)
  5. Alan Fry – MEC Update and Laser Upgrade (10 minutes)
  6. Other supporting technology (5 minutes)

We look forward to hearing from you on April 12 and to informative discussion in order to provide you the best possible information as you prepare for Run 16 proposals due on May 4th.