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Databases Biomolecular Interaction Network Database (BIND)
  Cambridge Structure Database (CCDC)
  DALI (protein structure comparison)
  Databases for Modeling
  EC Enzyme Database
  Heavy-Atom Databank
  Image Library of Biological Macromolecules (PDB entries analyses)
  ModBase (Database of comparative protein structure models)
  Nucleic Acid Database
  PDBsum (Summary & Structural analyses of PDB entries)
  PROMISE (Prosthetic groups and metal ions in protein active sites)
  Protein DataBank (PDB): search
  Documentation and Information
  ftp to PDB (archives)
  How to link to a specific PDB entry
  Molecules R US (at the NIH)
  Molecular Biology Servers, Databases, and Web Sites of Interest
  Obsolete PDB entries
  PDB Select (Representative group of high resolution crystal structures)
  Processing status (entries 'ON HOLD')
  Search Lite (easy search of PDB entries)
  Submit data to PDB (AutoDep Input Tool)
  Validation server (AdIt)
  Reciprocal Net