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January 1, 2018  — Chemical & Engineering News

Voltage Loss in Li-Ion Batteries Explained

December 12, 2017  — Lab Manager Magazine

Brittle Starfish Shows How to Make Tough Ceramics

December 7, 2017  — National Geographic

Duck-Like Dinosaur Is Among Oddest Fossils Yet Found

January 12, 2018 — NSLS-II

Surprising Discovery Could Lead to Better Batteries

Scientists have observed how lithium moves inside individual nanoparticles that make up batteries. The finding could help companies develop batteries...
December 19, 2017 — CLS

'Quantum Material' Has Shark-Like Ability to Detect Small Electrical Signals

A “quantum material” that mimics a shark’s ability to detect the minute electric fields of small prey has been shown to perform well in ocean-like...
December 14, 2017 — CLS

U of S Scientist Describes Fundamental Process When Ice Is Compressed

Water. Almost three-quarters of the earth’s surface is covered by it. Almost two-thirds of the human body is made up of it. We drink it. We use it in...
December 14, 2017 — ALS

X-Rays Provide Key Insights on Path to Lithium-Rich Battery Electrode

If you add more lithium to the positive electrode of a lithium-ion battery – overstuff it, in a sense – it can store much more charge in the same...
December 12, 2017 — SwissFEL

First Experiment at SwissFEL Carried out Successfully

The years of careful planning and construction have paid off: At the newest large-scale research facility of the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI – the...
December 19, 2017  — National Synchrotron Light Source II,  — Swiss Light Source

Arsenic to the Rescue: Controlling Radioactive Contamination in Abandoned Uranium Mine

December 18, 2017  — Linac Coherent Light Source

Major Technology Developments Boost LCLS X-Ray Laser’s Discovery Power

December 17, 2017  — Diamond Light Source

Probing Tips of Chromosomes

December 17, 2017  — Diamond Light Source

Long Duration Beamline Gets a Gold Star